About Me



Welcome to the world of Ankita Sunder, an accomplished computer engineer turned fashion entrepreneur. With a solid background in computer engineering, Ankita has ventured into the dynamic realm of fashion, where she is making waves with her brand, 16-69.

Education & Career Transition:

Ankita holds a degree in Computer Engineering, showcasing her proficiency in the technical domain. However, her passion for the fashion industry led her to embark on an exciting journey beyond the boundaries of conventional engineering.


Fashion Entrepreneurship:

Driven by her keen interest in the fashion industry, Ankita founded her own brand, 16-69, where she brings her unique vision to life. Through her brand, Ankita is committed to creating innovative designs that resonate with modern trends while also reflecting her individual style and creativity.

Collaborative Endeavours:

Ankita’s journey in the fashion world is not solitary; she is supported by her husband, Vijay Sunder, whose backing provides invaluable encouragement and assistance. Together, Ankita and Vijay are dedicated to pushing boundaries, creating new fashion trends, and expanding the reach of their brand to a global audience.

Vision for the Future:

With a passion for creativity and a drive for innovation, Ankita Sunder is on a mission to redefine fashion norms and establish 16-69 as a prominent name in the industry. Through her dedication and vision, Ankita aims to inspire individuals worldwide to embrace their unique style and express themselves through fashion. Join Ankita on her journey as she continues to make her mark on the fashion world, let’s redefine what it means to feel confident and beautiful in every outfit, every day